The Kai Collective

passionated red seams that ballon sleeves are still or again en vogue

...when i first found KAI COLLECTIVE that were my thoughts and i was fallen in love with the brand that has this unique style focussed on statement sleeves. Established 2016 in London by Fisayo Longe (scroll down, on the first picture) - what a beautiful and most of all powerful woman!

Here's a little excerpt from her website:

"With a deep passion for women and equality, KAI seeks to create clothing for multi-dimensional women who embrace their feminity in all it’s various forms. Through clothing, we communicate with women and inspire that extra dose of confidence.

Fisayo established KAI after five years of building an online presence through her blog. Now, she travels the world sourcing the best fabric, seeking design inspiration, and meeting ethical manufacturers to collaborate with."

I was flashed by the consistent idea behind each dress and blouse and when i held the pieces in my hands, about the heavy and thick cotton fabric quality she uses for her dresses and blouses. The burgundy red BEA dress was my absolute favourite but i ordered a sky blue blouse too (stay tuned for another Grace Kelly recreation in this) Read what KAI means - i was surprised about the universal meaning :)


noun In Mandarin; Victory, Open and Beginning. In Navajo; Willow Tree. In Persian; Universe. In Hawaiian and Japanese; Ocean or Oceanic. In Wayuu; The One Who Brings the Light in the Dawn. adjective In Burmese; Strong and Unbreakable. exclamation As a Nigerian form of expression; Wow!



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