Linen ahead

my endless love for nature's fabric

... my favourite fabric? ...

Linen, definitely! Why? Perfect summer garment cause super hot temperatures aren't as hot with linen on your skin, as it cools. The wrinkles? The "business card" and very welcome, it simply looks like a natural fibre, very charming ;)

And the color? Hm, i prefer natural ones like beige, off-white, light grey BUT this indigo tone stole my heart! I mean you can combine it with white, with beige, with popping colours, with red, even with black - it's such a classy color.

Let's talk about Linen Handmade Studio who created this wonderful dress (i love each single item they design!) I'll paste here what is the quintessence of LHS:

• each garment is created by women who are highly passionated

• sewing patterns are made to reach highest comfort and are super flattering ( i totally agree)

• the linen grows where LHS has it's fabrication : in Lithuania 

• well-being, harmony and purity are the essentials of each dress

I own two dresses and i love both, if i had to decide what to take with me for a classy, comfortable journey: LHS dresses!





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