Burgundy Blues

casual chic

...swaying in Burgundy red ...

best thing against Corona lethargy is in my opinion handling each day like a normal working day (in case you have to stay at home)

like getting up early  in the morning and preparing like I would start into a regular day even I have to stay at home in quarantine. 

So I'm starting with breakfast, my make up and hairstyling routine and the daily business like retouching client pictures, creating content for brands i'm working with and with daily routine a pretty normal day. That helps me a lot facing theses turbulent yet quiet days.

Of course I'm wearing not each day a skirt when sitting in my bureau but i'm trying to stay true to this routine in general as it helps me having a normal view on this situation. I know I'm tending to get a slightly depressive in disastrous times when the backing of known happenings switched to hair-raising news.

How do you manage your daily business? Pajama or Skirt?

Stay healthy <3

TOP  www.mango.com

SKIRT www.miss-candyfloss.com

EARRINGS www.shesparisian.com

SHOES www.tedbaker.com via www.topvintage.de

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