BYREDO Bal D'Afrique

dreaming of ... olfactory journey to Africa 

Imagine Paris in the late 20's, african influenced music, parisian avant-gardism and the desire to travel to places far away, so exotic and mysterious. That's what i'm feeling when the scent of vetiver, neroli, cedar wood and lemon mixed with amber, musk and jasmine fills the room with a fresh yet sensual opulence that stays the whole day on the skin, reminding me with every move that i'm just there, relaxing under old trees, sunlight on my skin and breathing in the freedom of Africa like the artists and musicians imagined back in the 20's.

One of my favourite summer fragrances, that i take often with me when im travelling even i buy new ones, what i do regularly.

This will always be my instant holiday flashback scent.

Something about the brand: it was founded 2006 in Stockholm by Ben Gorham, native swedish with an indian mother who loves to express emotions through scents creating modern luxury fragrances (and btw he has such a charismatic face). This is my favourite, i think you can smell his passion for the different countries, its stories and tiny fragments of flowers, woods and elements that are in the whole picture a perfect composing, like a travel diary full of emotions you can read (or smell) again and again.....


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