Beara Beara

bolivian Bag

a little lovestory...

...that i have since some years for this amazing brand born in the UK, known for their extraordinary leather bags and especially their quality.

I had the chance to collaborate finally with Beara Beara and i'm more than happy to call this wonderful little bag called Susie Brown (you can shop it here) my own.

Thick leather, perfectly stitched, a deep rich chocolate brown and a unique shape .... this little thing screams classiness!

But what touched me more than style or beauty of design was the story behind - people from Bolivia are crafting each piece by hand. A wonderful, magical country where the half of my family lives so it's something personal to me to support this brand.

Bolivia has such a rich tradition with people so special, so golden. My parents visited this country very often cause my brother, his wife and my  nephews live there since many years and the stories i know about this country and its citizens, the wonderful flora and fauna, the music, dances and traditional costumes  - you can feel this, the love and passion in each bag they had in their hands and give it to you, for that muchas gracias!

My husband and i are thinking since a while about visiting my brother over there finally, it's a very adventurous trip i was told so maybe when we finished the first months of our own adventure (going to Mallorca) but the desire is big to range around in the rainforest and going up to La Paz ... dreaming... but for now holding this bolivian made piece of art in my hands. 




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