A Day in Wismar

a romantic harbour city

with my sweet Katja.

 Meeting a person that's ticking like you, that has a similar sense of humour and interests is a lucky thing. And spending time with her at her birthplace, a beautiful old city in the  north of Germany called Wismar was a lucky thing too - she knew a lot about this city, where Klaus Störtebeker 1360 was born (did you heard about this famous buccaneer?) and showed me the door of his birthplace, beautiful old houses decorated with so much love and explained a lot about her city. We walked over old cobblestone streets, visited old antique markets, had ice cream and enjoyed the sun, i mean it felt like summer and holiday - what a lucky day :) Not to mention the self-made Pizza in the evening followed by some Bailyes, hmmmmm something i really enjoy besides wine! I wore my REVIVAL RETRO Suit & Blouse, a Lilli Ann inspired combination that was just launched, funny how the people around were stopping, heads turning and talking "look at these women, so beautifully dressed" and the city deserved it, i think we matched perfectly...... but our shoes weren't that lucky as we (cobblestones...)

Have a wonderful week loves, maybe you visit Wismar one day too - don't forget to bring flats!

SUIT  www.revivalretro.com

BAG www.tammyandbenjamin.com

HAT & GLOVES true vintage

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