A Chance has gonna come

Once again the world is shocked.

It's a sad repetition of exactly the same human dark side that was so often outcropping the last decades. A scream of unconscious rage, for help, acceptance, tolerance and quality yelled through the medias, through the streets, though the heads.

I always asked myself why the human race is killing itself with unparalleled hate and without learning, that hate is one of the most unnecessary and poisonous feelings on earth. Isn't there enough sorrow in this world, diseases, hunger, war?

We all are in need to be loved so we're following the habits, mindsets and moral values our parents and what they've learned, and our friends, and what our society makes us believe.

So hate is something we've learned from the beginning and there it must be stopped!

Maya Angelou, a civil rights activist, poet and award-winning author said once:

"Hate - it caused a lot of problems in this world, but has not one solved one yet" and i guess it never will. Hate is an impetus that has no positive energy. None.

Do we search someone to put the blame on? Someone who we can hate to distract from our self? Of course it's a human feeling but deciding not having it against people we never met in person, no matter their skin color - that leads this evil feeling into vacuousness.

Why (it seems to so many people) is it so hard to make no differences between ethnicities, i ask myself why - and am i doing it as well?

Before calling others bad names i had to check if i deserve these names as well. I'm not free from unwarranted preservations. On the other hand i know a bit how it feels to be an unwanted foreigner (when the german wall was fallen the west germans don't wanted the east germans around, guess who moved directly after the wall was fallen from eats to west germany?...) So even between those both german sides preoccupation was reigning.

How it must be growing up in the states, born with a dark skin color still surrounded by racism and inequities.

So I decided to get more into the theme racism, how to learn to be an active anti-racist, how our black community feels about the dissimilarity with that they are treated since so long. I want to share these insights here to, for example the book written by Reni Eddo-Lodge "Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race" that thematized the structural racism, about the white privilege, how white is the norm and black is the divergence of it.

I heard the sentence "white privilege" the first time and didn't realized that it's a privilege I never thought about, never knew I have one. But I do. And this book hurts - it hurts cause you can feel with Reni, empathise how she must felt and still feel - you'll be sad for her that she has to go through all this and sad for yourself cause there is so much fact you maybe never faced before. I'll face these facts and learn.

I could feel ashamed about these facts - but that doesn't helps anyone (and it's not about me or my feelings - the bigger picture is what counts, that's what i've learned especially through instagram, reading comments, writing messages with other influencer, getting in touch with a few more women of color) so I thought to bring together some more informations to help others and especially name those, who can talk about what it means to be black and how we can make the togetherness respectful, free from prejudice and tolerant.

...and btw the social medias - I only can speak for myself: I thought it is a sign of unity, a signal of community showing sorrow for what happened with posting a black box and muted content. But I heard a few hours later voices that urge to not be quiet but raise the voice for the black community, our black fellows - and I felt uncertain what exactly to do. I saw it wasn't only me - my mom is always saying "The morning is wiser than the evening" and thinking, feeling, understanding what is happening and how to react took time, it's still not done but this post is helping me facing feelings, problems and maybe it's kind of mirroring your feelings too.

We all can think about our habits - supporting minorities, standing up against injustice.

And i hope that generation social media is the key solving it more, bringing more visibility followed by understanding than just post hateful comments in anonymous security.

A few more authors that bring this theme closer are (written or spoken in english / german)

• Maya Angelou "I know why the caged bird sings"

• Trevor Noah "Born a crime"

• Angie Thomas with "The hate you give"

• Tupoka Odette, German speaking diversity trainer "Exit Racism"

• James Baldwin "The fire the next time"

• Noah Sow, writer, youtuber

• Alice Haruko

• Ta-Nehisi Coates "Zwischen mir und der Welt"


And I would like to show you some instagram influencer and brands who inspire with their talent, creativity, voice and style:

Mossonyi, born in Africa and moved at her 22nd birthday to the UK, photographer, blogger, amazing woman.

You can watch her story, hear her experience here

She is an outstanding creative woman with a deep sensitivity you can feel in her pictures and captions


Angelique Noire, an american Model, mostly known for her amazing Pin Up pictures. She's one of the most classy ladies I've met on Instagram with the aim to bring beauty and tolerance to the world - click here for her instagram


Tammy Savoy, vintage loving singer from Chicago, I had the pleasure to met her a while ago at the VLV, she's a soft, lovely soul with an adorable voice. She was honored to be the 2019 Ameripolitan Music Award Rockabilly Female of the Year, a powerful yet down to earth lady - click here and for her website: https://www.misstammisavoy.com

Fisayo Longe, fashion and travel blogger from the UK, creative head behind the brand Kai Collective and a powerful soul who's aiming to create clothing for multi-dimensional women. Her dresses and blouses were ethical manufacturered and worn by a lot lovely ladies like Idda van Munster, Alanna Doherty, Jenny Rieu and so much more. Check her amazing designs here and on her website: https://kaicollective.com

Yuribert Capetillo Hardy - one of the funniest souls i've met! Yuri is a creative head born in Havanna, living now in the Netherlands, he's the photographer behind nearly each picture on the TopVintage website. You can be sure to laugh a whole day long with Yuri, warmhearted and always in the mood for a little dance ;) Visit him on his instagram: here


Cam from Bow and Crossbones

one of the brands that is a must have in your vintage jewellery collection!

Cam is creating the most authentic reproduction and era-inspired original jewellery designs since 2008 starting with selling her own handmade jewellery - you can find her in real life often on a Rockabilly Weekender, at her vendor booth for a kind talk and buying some of her outstanding designs - i call a few my own <3

Find her lovely jewelleries here and on her website https://bowandcrossbones.com

Alice from Brothers and Sisters

Alice founded her unique turban, beret and headpiece brand 2015 in france, supporting all those beautiful ladies from different countries and ethnicities - always with a vintage touch that's going even with modern styles - a true creative with passion for beautifying women.

See her IG here and shop on her website: https://www.brothersandsisters.biz

These are just a few amazing humans i want to mention for their passionated creativity, heart and kind being - if they inspire you i'm happy you give them a follow and learn a bit more about.


There are so many black owned businesses to support, use following apps to find them:






Donations / Petitions / Resources:





I think this article was a bit writing from my soul and a still hope it might help others as well finding a way to do good, to do necessarily important good. For myself i know - and that not since this tragedy happens: it's important to reflect always and for ever our habits, our thoughts, educate ourselves when the school system and medias fail to do their job forming us into tolerante thinking humans.

To be a human.

The war against hate and injustice isn't over even i wished it was, so much to learn, to understand, to empathise with those who gone through horrible human actions.

To close for now this post - my mom is saying something else as well: "don't treat anyone like you don't want to be treated".

Please feel free to put any more informations below in the comments.


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