Crazy Days


crazy times!

i was running today through whole Hamburg from appointment to appointment, bureaucracy is kind of annoying sometimes right? But all of course for the good reason - leaving to another country, trying our luck where the sun shines longer, surrounded by palms - we'll make our dream come true.... This mixture of excitement, anxiety, happiness and sad moments drives me and my husband a bit crazy at the moment. The goal is near so we're bundling all our energies and like never before are such a great team. That helps a lot in these ruff times. Leaving family and friends behind, going to place where another language is  spoken, other habits and surroundings whirl anything that was before around and this is such a big thing I haven't imagined it like that before but the excitement, the happiness is so much bigger than any fear that some of our ideas could not work ...but like sweet Quigley (check her lovely IG here) said "the fear is the strongest right before you're about break through <3


Cross fingers loves and see you soooooon in Mallorca :)



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