Autumn Walk


wrapped in cosy fabrics and soft colours

and this hat!!!! You know me - i'm a hat addicted since many years. Started with 50s hats, small, sophisticated or Chanel like.... or 40s: bold, big and with a lot of drama, these saucer and tilt ones - now i'm more into the classic Fedora style that creates a more modern look but add the hint casual classiness to each and every outfit. Especially now that the air is crisp i love to wear them, deep in the face, holding the warmth close to the head. Did you recognised the golden leaf stitching?

The details are what i'm in love with - again Couture Millinery Atelier created an amazing hat in such a heavy and superior quality paying attention to those small details. Some more hats by her are coming the next days on my blog so stay tuned, and warm!


And another new entry is the PRISMA watch "Mrs. Ultimate Gold" a classic golden style so simple but so perfect! The first PRISMA watch was produced 1948 in Holland and still has this effortless dutch charm (and is waterproof) and goes with every styling as well, timeless.....





COAT  www.simpleretro.com

HAT & SCARF AriadnesThread

TROUSERS www.massimodutti.com

SHOES www.evita-shoes.com

WATCH www.prisma.watch

EARRINGS www.pdpaola.com


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