Creating own sunshine


may sound pathetic...

but honestly who does it if you're not providing yourself with warm rays of self love, positivity and optimism -  if the outside is turning around itself and no one cares for your own luck. It's up to you! And it's good to have the own success and optimism in the hands. Of course not every day is a good one, not every person is a good one for you and not every minute you've spent on thinking about how future things can be is meaningful or suggestive. The next day or the day after are bringing certainly some clearness and if you look back what you've achieved there's a grateful feeling isn't it? And that's the thing - the little spark that gives you the motivation to go on, if others may care or not. It's not necessary if they. If you reduce your world on one person that's most important to you, could you name yourself? If not, why? Because you think your partner is the one? Your best friend, your mom? What if it's you? Wouldn't it be amazing to create sunshine for this one special person? You would do that for your family, friends as well, why does it seems sometimes so heavy to lighten up the own existence with some soft touching thoughts of positive reinforcement?

There's in my opinion no reason so i'm handling each day that comes a bit too grey with gratitude for what i achieved and this thankfulness creates the spark that becomes more and more the thing that's more important than today: the believe in a better tomorrow. And sun.



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