Wine, finally back


in my autumn wardrobe &

one of my favourite fall colours and of course drinks ;) Hm Portwine, Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa or Primitivo from Italy...anyone in the mood for a glass? Are your more the white or the red connoisseur? When it gets colder i'm definitely on the red side, and how delicious is this color for warming jackets like this one by EL ATELIER SECRETO from Chile? Vintage inspired, handmade, slow fashion, eco friendly, vegan - just to mention a few attributes describing this passionated designer and the team behind. Luckily i just received an amazing dress via MISS CANDYFLOSS that matches perfectly , maybe cause it's one of the most perfect autumn colours.

The Dress reminds me a lot of Marilyn's dress she wore in How to marry a Millionaire (picture via pinterest).


Enjoy your weekend loves xxx!


JACKET  www.elatelieresecreto.com

DRESS www.misscandyfloss.com

BAG www.charliestoneshoes.com

SHOES www.goertz.com

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