The Beret season is here


but let's add some little extra to this!

My wardrobe counts endless berets in all colours, with pearls in different shapes but this addition was necessary (... ;) BOW!

How cute is the idea to give a simple beret a bow in the back, Alice had this simple but effective idea and whoop welcome new beret, may you be worn often and cuddle in the meantime with all your other BROTHERS & SISTERS.

Not forget to mention the extraordinary cashmere quality pullover i found at ZALANDO last year, that was what i really looked for when the cold days stood in front of the door :) nothing is so cosy and warm on the pure skin like this fine garment. Do you own a cashmere one as well and which brands do you love most?



BERET  www.brothersandsisters.biz

CASHMERE PULLOVER www.zalando.com

PANTS www.hm.com


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