Wherever life plants you...



...bloom with grace!

Or like Oprah said "You are built not to shrink down to less but blossom into more"

Do you remember when you were maybe 11 or 12, acne prone skin, the body felt weird becoming the body of a woman and you felt like being the wrong person in the wrong place? What would you say now to this teenage girl? All changes - surroundings, people, feelings, the view on life and it doesn't matter where you are it depends who you want to be and become. 

Some women were held back by these old feelings till now. Depressions, pressure in general, the media with the picture of an ideal woman that so many women are focused on, where is the space to bloom in your own way?

Let me say: it's besides the media, instagram, facebook and who else dictates how you should be, how you should look and dress - it's here at this moment, exactly where you're sitting now and reading. Take a deep breath, can you imagine that all is good?

You are on the way to become who you like to be, you have the strength and will even if it feels now a bit unreal but that's the thing:

take it for real and it will become reality! 

Give yourself the space and allowance to be like you want to be and dream on if you're haven't achieved the goals you have in mind.

Some things takes time but soon you'll bloom with grace.


Yours, Ava



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