A Trip to Mallorca to find...


...us a new home.

The idea to change something in our life was growing last year whilst staying at the High Rockabilly Weekender near Barcelona.

We were strolling along the beach, dreaming how it would be to stay bit longer under palms, warm sunshine in more than just the summertime - i mean Hamburg hasn't the summer we always wished - so with some ups and downs during finding an idea what and where to got and to do we played with a lot ideas and finally one year later our baby "Mallorca" was born.

The flights were booked in an instant and all that happened around this event was so perfect for us that we felt that it probably was meant to be.

So here we go :) some impressions from Mallorca and the best for last: we signed the contract for our new home! Still can't believe it..... 

The second photo studio will be opened in December 19, the studio in Hamburg will of course be open for one week per month so whenever you're in the need of shooting your can find me under palms or in rainy Hamburg ;))


Now we have to face the biggest challenge, living in another country, speaking another language, being confronted with different habits.

Did you made a similar step? I'm very interested what your feelings and experiences were/are so feel welcome to post in the comments. 



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