Add drama to the sleeves


Cause a plain beige jacket can look so gorgeous with balloony sleeves right?

When naked fashion asked a while ago for a sponsored collaboration i was surprised how many outstanding pieces i found on their website. Of course it's always an ethical question to wear fast fashion! This year i had an AHA effect cause when i walked through H&M what happens not often, i found a lot linen clothes in superclassy cuts so i gave these kind of clothing another try. To have an inexpensive yet classy wardrobe is for some people especially younger ones something that doesn't go together so i appreciated it a lot that this year the amount of jeans with holes all over were minimised and sophisticated styles took place. Yay! Finally timeless pieces for everyone - i imagined how young ladies dresses themselves with a hint more taste - so i'm fine with fast fashion for this point. And btw these clothes won't leave my wardrobe so fast ;)



BLOUSE & JACKET  www.simpleretro.com

HEADBAND www.stradivarius.com

EARRINGS www.pdpaola.com

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