Autumn and how i wrap myself to resist the first cold days...


The leaves are getting yellow, the air is crisp and the smell of ripe apples and grapes is recognizable in our garden. Cosy clothes like knitted dresses with long sleeves, enchanting cashmere like coats and warm colours are my favourites now that the summer slowly hides away. 

I love the simplicity of my Simple Retro finds a few weeks ago when they launched their AW2019 Collection and these two pieces are maybe my favourites this season.

The rusty color, the soft fabric and thick quality of the dress, the super cosy coat in a very decent beige are just to wrap in and enjoy a city tour, not to forget the mulberry chocolate coloured bag admire since spring this year by Charlie Stone and the straw bag by Above Studio.


My beauty routine is changing now as well, the light fluids are getting now a bit to less keeping the moisture balance as we now heating the oven for the colder nights - btw i love the smell of burnt wood, still looking for a fragrance that plays with these woody notes <3


COAT & DRESS  www.simpleretro.com

BROWN BAG www.charliestoneshoes.com

STRAW BAG www.vogue.co.uk

WATCH www.francoginetti.com

SHOES www.hallhuber.de



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