Recreations Part 3 - Grace





Gosh this outfit! How can one woman look as tough as ten men! Well Grace does it! These old school trousers are pure perfection im still searching for - this year i found a lot of Marlene cuts but this kind of Men's trousers is my wish, if anyone has a tip where i can fin similar ones: pleaaaassse!

Fun fact about Grace: she doesn't spent a lo of money for huge amounts of clothing and was private more a cardigan girl but there's a story of her buying thousands of francs worth of Hermes scarfs and gloves in Paris when she was filming To Catch a Thief - so sympathetic !



TOP  www.misscandyfloss.com

TROUSERS www.vivienofholloway.com

BELT www.hm.com

SCARF true vintage

EARRINGS shesparisian (etsy)

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