Couture shooting for Franziska Schlupski


or when three one woman show ladies meet each other...


When Franziska and i met first, i think 3-4 years ago, we recognised a deep connection to each other, we talked before some hours via phone and very often texting via instagram and WhatsApp and i felt like i know this woman for ages, like we're made from the same wood. Her talent, her creativity, her will to create something unique and outstanding and her endurance reaching these goals are something i haven't seen before - i was deeply impressed - not to mention her beauty!!!!!

So when she asked me if i can imagine to shoot her new collection she released in September 2019 i was more than overwhelmed cause she had not only big visions she wanted to visualise, she wanted to shoot with the breathtaking beauty Idea van Munster - if you're into vintage you'll probably know her. I can tell you i was in heaven :)

We met for the whole weekend, i picked up both ladies at the airport, there was the same connection to Idda right from the first second and i thought "this will become a big big thing for all three of us" and besides endless talks until after midnight we stood the next in my studio, three women with one goal: creating magic.

Look what happened - floating silky, floral fabrics, vintage inspired cuts made for red carpets and love in each and every detail.

And Idda - one of the most beautiful persons, inside and out! She has a special aura, powerful, sensual, down to earth and funny, but her beauty takes your breath away. When the shoot was over and both left i felt like there was a hole they leave, crazy to find the words - i fell in love with both women - missing the near, the magic of the other one and looking for the next possibility to meet each other again, no matter where or when, something that i recognised very rarely.


I think you can see this love between all three of us. And i hope, that we can inspire other ladies to stay a bit closer together and love each other a bit more, together we can create magic!



DRESSES & HATS  www.franziskaschlupski.com

PICTURES www.the-elderwood.de

EDIT: Franziska Schlupski (Prettielanes)

MODEL Idda van Munster (styled by herself)


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