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When  TOZAIME asked me to try their best selling phytoscience skincare the thing that catched me most was the idea behind it - bringing 200 yo traditions back to life concentrating knowledge in a cream that promises care even for sensitive skin by using probiotics and bio-lift complex that

boost skin regeneration, sooth irritations and protects skin.


The amazing packaging is so valuable, i felt instantly the love for the product that the developer (Alja Natural Beauty) put in, the effort to create something special that works and a has an emotional background.


I tried the Geisha Glow Photo Active Youth Cream in combination with the jade roller that came together. In the mornings, before i've putted on my make up - it's such a perfect first layer that gives a soft and even canvas, plumps the skin bust most of all leave it perfectly nourished for the second layer of decoration. The make up lasts longer, but i think the longtime effects are more interesting - the skin feels healthy! It is like my skin is thankful that i use these two products and reward that with glowing and relaxed softness.


The roller activates the skin metabolism that brings the working ingredients like Aloe, Wakame, Kimchi, white tea etc. where they do their magic.

As simple but effective system that cools the skin and stimulates whilst relax the senses.


And it's vegan and eco friendly - the Geishas knew what is good not only for them but for the whole, good looking picture  



CREAM & ROLLER  www.tozaime.com

DRESS www.britishretro.co.uk


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